bram stoker

by The Outside World

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released March 7, 2015


all rights reserved



The Outside World Saint Catharines, Ontario

'The Outside World' was born out of the wreckage of the grunge era, towards the late 90s. As bands like the ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ and ‘Matthew Good Band’ were dropping like flies, our band realized that the old adage about wanting something done right applies particularly when you’re a connoisseur.

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do.
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Track Name: Shift (mix12f)
you hear the noise it's your alarm
you're barely poised to move your arm
get up for work forget the night
cuz it could hurt and that just might, make you
a little less productive for the day ahead

get on the bus arrive on time
and you're with us from 9 to 5
caffeine at ten the usual
you see the end your cubicle

every day feels like a movie drug montage
why is every fire drill a false alarm?

twelve divisions in a circle urging you
to get to work or face things that you'd never choose

if it's all lies
then they're all me

Fluorescent Fraud
the sun is out
if there's a god he cares about you spending
every waking hour caught inside a box
he's given you the key but hidden all the locks
Track Name: Part 2 (mix3v)
Part 2

i got nothing much to say to you
so i'll talk a little louder
and maybe then you'll find the needle in my hay
in what i say

you're playin' by my rules
one fool playing two

i got nothing much i wanna do
but i'll stick around awhile
we can shoot the shit a bit
and then i'll go 

before you know

you're playin' by my rules
one fool playing two

you don't even notice when i'm right

you don't even try

and when i lie 
there's nothing you can do
what's right in front of me 
isn't right in front of you
and every time you tell me 
that's the way it's gotta be
you pretend to understand 
and in the end nobody understands
but me
Track Name: I Won't Say (mix11t)
I Won't Say

look at me
tell me what you think you see
behind these eyes i'm screaming
and you don't even believe

so tell me
what's he done this time
and let the tears come streaming
cuz you're not on my mind

don't cry for me
it's just an act
and this time i swear
that i won't bring you back

i dreamt tonight
that i could fly
and that is why

i'm still dreaming anyway
you tell me that you're crying
you are so afraid

believe me
when i tell you what i'll do
don't tell me how you're feeling
cuz tonight ain't about you

don't smile for me
it's just to hide
whatever the fuck it is you
keep inside

and when you need
you bleed me dry
and that is why

and every time i hear the phone
i wish that you'd leave me alone
cuz i'm not going to waste my time
i'm gone and i won't say goodbye
Track Name: Shoot Me (mix5q)
Shoot Me

there’s no blood
and no scars
no excessive nights of drinking at the bar

i am dreaming of the time
we climbed the roof in waterloo
as we’re looking on the city
i would rather look at you
and i’m thinking about telling you
as if you didn’t know
but i sense your hesitation
so i simply gaze below

you have let me down
in summertime
i get the runaround
you let this die

there’re no highs
like before
and no lows necessitating your defense no more

and i guess that things look different
from an elevated place
if you feel that you’re above it all
i cannot save my face
so i promise you eternity
and you commit a while
and it’s obviously ominous
but i am in denial

you have let me down
in summertime
I get the runaround
you let this die

what you got for me
an english word, a touch
a letdown in a month
i’m not worth much

and a shot rings through the city
it annihilates your pledge
i don’t notice that it hit me
til i stumble off the edge
i am falling from the rooftop
i am bleeding from the head
and the night air rushes past me
in a moment i’ll be dead

and the last thing that i’m seeing
as i look up from the street
is the smoking gun you’re holding
blur as you look down on me
but the thing that really gets me
more than you holding the gun
is that this dream feels
better than the things you’ve really done

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